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Selling a Home Can Be Scary and Exciting

Whether downsizing, upgrading or looking for more space to raise your family, selling your home is an important decision and can be very stressful.  Let me help you by making the process fun, easy and rewarding. 

Choosing the Right Realtor

Working with the wrong Realtor can cost you the sale.  When agents go out to acquire new business they are competing against other Realtors you may interview.  As a result, they may inflate numbers to make it look like you should sell your home for a higher price. 

Unfortunately, homes that are not properly priced for the market will sit until it comes time for you to make a price reduction closer to what the market will handle.  Then you have the time on the market working against you.

I practice sincerity and integrity and I am always looking out for your best interests.  I will tell you where your house really stands in the current marketplace and price it accordingly.

You don't want to give up any equity you have earned in your home and my goal is to help you sell for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time. 

In order to determine what options work best for you when selling, you need to be clear about your "Why".

Gail Flom Selling Agent Bismarck MandanWhy do You Want to Sell?

Everyone is unique and has different reasons for selling their home.  By running through a few of these questions your reasons will be clear.

  • Do you need a larger or smaller home?
  • Would you like to live in a different neighborhood, school district, or city?
  • Are you moving out of state?
  • Are you moving for financial reasons?
  • Are you relocating for your career?

With your reasons in place, I am able to determine the most appropriate options based on your needs. 

What to Expect When Working With Me

I always start with a home marketing consultation.  This conversation will allow me to understand your reasons, plans, and expectations you have in selling your home. 

It will help me get a sense of the current condition of your home, the layout and determine the best way to market, take photos and create videos to showcase your home in the best possible way. 

During the home marketing consultation, we can discuss any changes you may need to make to the property to help it show better and get you an offer faster. 

Repairs, Cleaning, and Staging

Homes sell faster when they are clean and uncluttered.  Buyers have a hard time overlooking sellers' style and decorating ideas.  Packing personal items away and staging the home with a potential buyer in mind will help you with a quick sale.

Keeping your home clean, fresh smelling and well-lit allow buyers to see your home at its best. 

Small home repairs will help you sell for a better price.  Inexpensive repairs such as replacing window screens, polishing wood and doorknobs, and applying a fresh coat of paint can work wonders for brightening up your home.

Curb appeal is almost more important than the appearance of the inside of your home.  The landscaping and yard are the first things buyers see when they drive or walk up to the property.  If they purchase the home, it's the first thing their guests will see. 

By keeping your landscaping trimmed, adding flowers or plants to provide extra color, and creative decorations you'll have an immediate impact on your buyers. 

When you list your home with me, I will work with you to recommend repairs, de-stage or stage your home so it shows well and sells quickly.

Disclosures and Inspections

There may have been a time in your home's past where it had some water damage, repair issues or pest problems which caused you to make some major renovations to the home.  You will fill out a Property Disclosure Statement to benefit both you and potential buyers. 

I may also suggest some improvements or repairs be done before listing your property on the open market. 

Marketing Your Home

All listings get entered into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which is available to all Realtors and brokers.  Once entered into the MLS, your home will be immediately advertised to the hundreds of Realtors in the Bismarck-Mandan area and any buyers they are working with.  

I go above and beyond the MLS.  The pictures I take of your home for the listing will also be made into a video.  I use this video on social media channels like Facebook and run ads to showcase your home.  By going to where people spend their free time, I am actively finding buyers instead of waiting for them to come to me. 

Showing Appointments and Open Houses

You've had some interest in your home and now it's show time.  A quick cleaning and organizing if possible will give buyers a positive feel for the property.  Buyers tour the home with their Realtor, who will be with them the entire time. 

Buyers feel more comfortable if you are not present during the showing or open house.  They feel they can open up to their Realtor and discuss the home without repercussion. The information they share helps their Realtor know if your home is one they can help their buyers make an offer on. 

I will request feedback from the buyer's Realtor and share the information with you, so you'll know if we need to stage or clean anything to have the home show better OR if we will be moving on to negotiating an offer!

Negotiation an Offer

As a listing agent, I work on your behalf to negotiate your wants and needs when selling.  We will sit down to discuss every part of the offer so you understand exactly what they are offering.  I will always be on the lookout for requests, which may not be in your best interests or items you'll benefit from. 

If you need to be out of the area when the offer comes in, we can employ options technology has given us.  Scanned documents can be sent to any computer, anywhere and I can get your deal done.  So take that vacation or business trip and I can sell your house while you are gone.

Inspections and Appraisals

When you accept an offer, buyers will need to schedule a home inspection and the inspector and the bank appraiser will need to come through the home.  This may need to be done more than once. 

As a licensed Realtor, part of my skill set allows me to have conversations with inspectors and appraisers to make sure they aren't over exaggerating small repairs or undervaluing larger renovations or upgrades you may have in the home. 


Closings should be completely easy, stress-free, and transparent.  You don't need to worry about whether a buyer is going to close. I will make sure all the pieces are in place and you can sign your paperwork to receive your check. 

Now it's Time to Celebrate!

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